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Our GROW track at Remnant Church is the next step if you are new to Remnant. We believe that your identity is so important in your walk with Christ and we want to help you to discover who you are in Christ and that you have a God given purpose that only God has designed you for with your unique gifts and talents. Our GROW track is made up of 3 steps that help you to 1) discover who you are in Christ, 2) learn more about who we are as a church, 3) develop and uncover why we serve and who we are together.

GROW takes place every other month on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Childcare is provided for children ages 0-4.


August 10th


7:00 PM

August 17th


7:00 PM

August 24th


7:00 PM

Step 1

Who You Are in Christ

Step 2

Who We Are as a Church

Step 3

Who We Are Together

Week 1 - Who you are in Christ

Understanding who you are in Christ is foundational to your walk with Christ. Without understanding who we are, we can never live out the purpose and life that the Lord has for us. During this session, we discuss what Jesus has done for us and how to live out our God given purpose.

Week 2 - Who we are as a church

Week 2 is full of understanding our history, values and ministries that we offer. You will hear the vision from Pastor Caleb and learn all about who we are at Remnant Church.

Week 3 - Who we are together

We believe that saved people serve people. God's desire is for you to find where you fit within the body of Christ and we want to help you do just that. In this last week, we discuss why we serve at Remnant Church.

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