What Is Partnership?

Partnership at Remnant Church is a way for you to "join" or to become "a member" of our church body. Partnership differs in membership in the fact that as a partner, you are saying that you want to come alongside us at Remnant to see the mission and vision become a reality.

FAQ's About Partnership

When Do I Become A Partner?

When you begin to call Remnant Church “home” and want to see the mission and vision become a reality. Partnership takes place quarterly.

How Do I Become A Partner?

You become a partner by signing up at the link below. You must first attend Partnership 101 with Pastor Caleb.

Partnership 101 Sign Up

What Is Partnership 101?


Partnership 101 takes place the Wednesday night before Partnership Sunday. It is an opportunity to sit down with Pastor Caleb and understand the mission, vision, values and what it means to be a partner at Remnant Church. You also have the time to ask Pastor Caleb questions about our ministry.