We have a new way to give...

Giving just got easier...

We’re moving in a new, and we believe, much better direction for digital giving. Your faithfulness to God and this church, through your generosity, is not something we take lightly and today we want to let you know about an important change in how you give moving forward.

We’ve partnered with a new online giving platform that makes giving easier and more flexible. Try it today!

We will be moving over to our new platform fully by November 15th, 2022.

Give the old way...

If you're not quite ready to transition, we completely understand!

You can still use our old way of giving until November 15th, 2022.

Why new giving?

Giving is easier!

Giving is easier because you –

  • Don’t have to remember passwords!
  • An account will be made for you at the first time you give
  • It will remember your card info
  • It takes less than 10 seconds to give
More money stays within our church.

Giving fees are part of every credit/debit card and ACH transaction. With PushPay, we get to keep more in our pockets and steward your giving better because giving fees are lower than other platforms that we currently use.

It's tied to our app that's coming soon!

We are so excited about our new Remnant Church app that will be launching soon and now giving is embedded right in the app. No more having to type in a website or downloading a different app. Once our app is live in the Google Play store and Apple App stores, you will only need one app for all events, sign ups, giving, livestream and so much more!

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